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Complete Match Standings



The Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys remain one of the most talented teams in football (good thing, too, because no matter what, we get stuck watching them in primetime at least five times a year). Discussing nebulous elements like their focus and desire is fruitless until it can be done in hindsight. So let’s ignore the giant big screens, crisp white uniforms, glaring national spotlights and tabloid magazines and actually try to answer the only question about America’s Team that matters: what can be done on the field to make up for 16 years’ worth of unfulfilled ambition?

View from Section 445
Section: 445 Row: 20 Seats 2

Date Opponent  Time   Price per Ticket  Total Price BUY!
11-Aug Denver 8:30 PM     SOLD
21-Aug San Diego 8:00 PM     SOLD
26-Sep Washington 8:30 PM      SOLD
2-Oct Detroit 1:00 PM     SOLD 
23-Oct St. Louis 4:15 PM      SOLD
6-Nov Seattle 1:00 PM      SOLD
13-Nov Buffalo 1:00 PM     SOLD 
24-Nov Miami 4:15 PM  $ 90.00  $180.00  
11-Dec N.Y. Giants 8:20 PM      SOLD
24-Dec Philadelphia 4:15 PM     SOLD 


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